Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This morning I watched Cooper's class, from what I saw he did pretty well. He was verbalizing more than usual and in a really good mood. He was so glad to be back at school after the long break that he went right in and gave his teacher a big hug :) I also spent some time on my cell phone with the insurance company this morning. That didn't go too well. Apparently they got the pre-determination but they said it takes "at least" 30 days to get a response...which means it could take even longer! We need to know by June 15 for him to get in the summer program at KKI, so that isn't too likely to happen :(

Since it was pouring all day we went to Baskin Robbins instead of the playground. Cooper remembered that this is where they have ice cream so he was really happy when we walked in. We went up to order and I had to let go of Cooper's hand so I could pay. The next thing I know the man behind me in line starts laughing. I turn around and there is Cooper, holding this man's hand and standing there like he belonged to him! Luckily it was a nice man who found it amusing (if not a little weird) that this little boy came up to him and grabbed his hand. Cooper is really big on holding someones hand when we are out, I guess since mine was no longer available he found one that was. I see lots of working on boundries in our future.