Monday, April 6, 2009

Today we didn't have to go anywhere! It was awesome! I love Spring Break! We just hung around the house and played all day. Quinn and Cooper are both feeling much better and they really seemed to enjoy having the day off. I took advantage of the free time to make some much needed phone calls. I made appointments for both boys to see the ENT, she tried to give me appointments back to back and I said no way, taking two kids (well my two kids)to the doctor at once is crazy. I would rather drive all the way up there twice thank you very much! Cooper needs to have his hearing checked for school and Quinn is overdue to have his tubes looked at. I also made an eye appointment for Quinn. I am wondering if maybe his new lack of attention to television and during circle time is because he can't see well enough. I have been a bad mommy, we missed two years worth of check ups (at least). But really, what a nightmare it will be to put glasses on Quinn, I am not looking forward to what seems inevitable. I am going to bring Matt with me this time so he can hold Quinn for the doctor, he is just getting too big for me to struggle with :( Next Tuesday a lady from DDA is coming over to "verify our disabilities", what fun! I don't care as long as they help us somehow. We get a two for one visit for both Quinn and Cooper, we will see how that goes.