Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This morning Ms. Kerri from KKI came over for another home visit. We talked about Cooper's routines and how we should use more routines. Really? How did I end up with two kids who need routines so badly when I can't stand them (routines not the kids)? Oh well, we will work on it. She video taped me playing with Cooper but promised me it wouldn't show up on Youtube, it better not! When I signed Cooper up for this amazing program I had no idea I would be video taped so much :(

After that Cooper had ABA therapy so Quinn hung out with Grandma Berta. I was in a hurry so I asked Grandma to put Cooper's coat on for me, well she put Quinn's coat on him by mistake and Cooper made sure she knew it. He dealt with it though, since we were really late. He is doing great at therapy. They made all these photo cards so he can work on identifying pictures when requested, and it sounds like as soon as they pull out a new card he masters it. I think it is time to accept that just because he can't say anything it doesn't mean he doesn't know everything.

This afternoon I sat down with both Quinn and Cooper and we played with a game that the speech teacher lent us. They both did so good at taking turns and Quinn amazed me with his following directions. It was simple "put in" and "take out" but he really understood and followed my verbal direction really well. Maybe things are really starting to click, I sure hope so anyway.